$ENRG / Tokenomics

Introducing the $ENRG token, the token that powers the Human Task Force platform.

$ENRG is an ERC20 token powering HTF, its unit of account. Think of 1 ENRG = 30 mins of work. The token allows for instant withdrawals and makes the platforms economic activity visible onchain.

  • A user buys (mint) $ENRG for $2.50

  • Assistants receive $ENRG for completing tasks

  • $ENRG can always be redeemed (burned) for $2

  • The spread between mint/burn is the platform fee

  • Platform fees are airdropped to $HDAO stakers

The $ENRG token plays a pivotal role across the platform and humanDAO ecosystem by incentivizing/tokenomics and distributing platform fees to $HDAO token holders. Airdrops are in (USD) stablecoin and happen quarterly. Remember, by staking your tokens, you're not just earning rewards; you're also playing a crucial role in the growth and stability of the platform.


  • Virtuous Economic Model: HTF fuels its economic engine through transactions with the $ENRG token. This in turn helps fuel the DAO's sustainability.

  • Community Rewards: Fees collected through HTF are airdropped monthly to $HDAO stakers, reinforcing community-centric ethos. Encourages stakers to act as informal affiliates, enhancing the platform's growth by attracting more users and engagement.

  • Elevating Marginalized Communities: A dedicated share of our revenue is channelled towards uplifting individuals in underserved regions, reflecting our core mission of fostering economic opportunities and empowerment.

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